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Woven #AtoZChallenge

This is an excerpt from something coming very soon! You guys can think the MM Goodreads group for this.

“You mean fuck me harder doesn’t register?” Ty’s eyes took on a sensual edge as I spoke. “Or give it to me, Sir? What about choke me with it?”

I squeaked, it was manly I swear, when Ty shoved me down and crawled over my body. “You. Are. Evil.” Each word was punctuated by Ty’s hips rolling. I sighed and spread my legs for him.

I moaned. “I’m not evil, I just said the sweetest thing ever to you.” I kissed the tip of Ty’s nose.

I could tell Ty felt chided or maybe it was indignant? “Touché.”

A knock at the door cut off my snarky retort. “He’s here.” I announced. Usually I’d be more excited but our conversation put a little damper on my mood.

Vine #AtoZChallenge

Van huffed, placed his hands on his hips, and glared at the vine creeping up his precious peach tree. “That damn thing won’t go away!”

Von, his boyfriend, sat back on his haunches with a weed in one hand and a bed cultivator in the other. “It’s tenacious.”

“That’s all you have to say?”

“Well,” Von motioned with the cultivator, “leave it. It won’t hurt the tree.”

“But it looks awful.”

Von stood and dropped the weed and cultivator. He walked over to Van and shoulder bumped him. “I think it adds character.”

“You think peeling paint adds character.”

Von laughed, it was a deep, honey sound. He wrapped his arms around Van and Van fought not to melt into Von. “Because it does. Leave the vine alone. You can even name it.”

Van frowned. He knew he had a penchant for naming weird things but a vine? No way.

“Come on.” Von drug him away and into the house. “It’s lunch time and I’m starving.”

“You’re always starving.”

“And you’re always naming things. How about you name something for me to make?”

Van shook his head with a smile. “Ham and bologna sandwich?”

“Uh!” Von sighed dramatically. “You test my culinary limits! One slice of cheese or two?”

Van sat down and just looked at Von. Walking into the wrong examine room two years ago was the happiest mistake he ever made. He was new to his nursing job and totally screwed up which room he was supposed to be in. “One with an extra bologna slice.”

“Sure thing.”

Von set about making their lunch while Van simply watched. He loved his life now. Von made this place a home and he couldn’t be more grateful for that.

Unimpressed #AtoZChallenge

“I’m unimpressed.” Uriel uncrossed then recrossed his legs.

Ulrich scoffed and took a sip of tea. “You never are.”

Uriel pushed out his lips and rolled his eyes. “You say that like it’s a negative thing.”

“To some,” Ulrich pointed out, “it might.”

Uriel smirked. “And to you?”

“To me you are a gem.” Ulrich took another sip of his tea.

Elation took Uriel’s breath away. He loved Ulrich with everything he was, he only wished they could express that love all the time instead of just in their quarters. “As I am impressed by you.”

“To admit such a thing sounds like a declaration of some sort.” Ulrich set down his tea. One of his hands disappeared under the table to settle on Uriel’s thigh. It was the briefest of touches, a momentary squeeze but it was all Uriel needed.

Uriel cast his gaze towards Ulrich with a gentle smile. He leaned in, invading Ulrich’s personal space. The smell of soap and something totally Ulrich took him away. “It shall be my admittance of love.” He whispered.

“Then please,” Ulrich turned in, their mouths were close, so close a kiss would be easy, “declare your impression more often.”

“Once this match is over I shall show you my declaration.” Uriel sipped his tea and shifted a little trying to relieve the growing pressure in his pants.

“And I shall happily witness your declaration.”

The two of them turned their attention to the Count of Umbrick as he approached. Ulrich knew they would suffer the Count’s company together but at least they were together. They’d been together for years and would be for years more. To the world they were houses forged together under the banner of peace and friendship. It was a half lie Uriel didn’t mind portraying but he wished they could divulge the full truth.

“Count Umbrick,” Ulrich motioned towards the empty seat, “please, join us.”

“Why thank you Marquess Ulyssa, Marquess Unice. It’d be my honor.” Count Umbrick sat down  and his butler poured him a cup of tea.

He would suffer Umbrick if only for face until later tonight when he and Ulrich could finally be alone.

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