Graphic Gradient #AtoZChallenge

Geoff was going to kill Gold, whoever in the hell Gold was. “Damnit!” He tossed a movie across his room and sat huffing in his chair.

“What’s wrong?” His roommate, Gunner, appeared in his doorway looking concerned.

Geoff took a deep breath and closed his eyes counting to ten. “That bitch Gold stole another job from me.”

“Oh…” Gunner fidgeted but Geoff didn’t care. “What happened?”

“He bid lower on a band’s design logo.” Geoff was seeing red. “Damnit!” He pounded his desk with his fists.

Gunner stepped back. “I’m sorry man.”

“Not your fault.” Geoff hated this Gold person. “If they ever meet in person I’m punching the bitch out.”


Gunner stepped back and nodded. “You should.” He left his roommate to simmer and went back to his room. He sat at his desk and sighed. His email chimed and Gunner checked to see an email from the record company. Guilt punched him in the gut.

He never meant to poach Geoff’s jobs. Gunner owed Geoff everything. Geoff took him in when he lost his apartment and taught him how to draw in programs and the ins and outs of photoshop.

Gunner hit reply.

Thank you so much for accepting my offer. However, a recent personal difficulty will make it impossible for me to complete your design on time. I apologize for this inconvenience and offer Geoff Guy as my replacement. He does excellent work and may prove a match for what you’re looking for. Please see the attached for his information.
Again, I apologize for this sudden change.

Gunner hit send and prayed didn’t encroach on another of Geoff’s jobs. That was the last thing he wanted since he didn’t want his roommate to hate him. He wanted the opposite but was scared of approaching Geoff. They were both gay but he didn’t want Geoff to laugh at him for falling into the stigma of “gay roommates hooking up” and turn him away. Plus he’d have to find another place to live because he couldn’t stick around after a humiliation like that.

“Gunner!” Geoff came barreling down the short hall and almost slammed into his door. A smile brightened his face. “Gold dropped out and I’m in!” He came in and hugged Gunner tight. “This is awesome!” Geoff ran out just as fast as he appeared.

Gunner stood there and blinked. Well that was fast. He took a deep breath and sat back down resigned to being alone.

About Lor Rose

I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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  1. I really hope Gunner gets his Man.

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