Enough Escaping #AtoZChallenge

“You need to stop getting out of this cage, Ervine.” Eli placed his twelve foot Reticulated Python back in his cage. He checked and double checked the cage’s latches and locks making sure his precious Ervine wouldn’t get out again. Every time Ervine wiggled his way free Eli was scared he’d never see his precious snake again.

What was more perplexing was how Ervine was escaping. The first time he thought maybe he didn’t latch the cage properly (big mistake) but now it was getting ridiculous. This was the fifth cage Eli had bought in his attempts to keep Ervine secure and it wasn’t working.

Eli sighed, finally satisfied Ervine’s cage was locked, and went to turn off the light. “Goodnight, Ervine.” He called and went into his bedroom.

He made sure his closet and bathroom doors were closed before laying down. It was an OCD thing, they had to be shut or he couldn’t sleep but his bedroom door he couldn’t care less. He knew he was weird.

Eli snuggled down and drifted between being full asleep and awake. He grunted and rolled onto his back. Something was slithering up his leg, petting and caressing. Was he dreaming or awake? Eli squirmed and moaned as his cock filled from the teasing touches. He wanted more.

Another touch, this time to his aching need, snapped Eli awake. “What the?!” A body on top of him held him down. A kiss startled him and he bit his attacker’s lip. Blood spilled but his attacker only intensified the stolen kiss. The other’s thin forked tongue felt weird and tickled the roof of his mouth.

Eli managed a good push but he felt his attacker was more allowing him to be pushed instead of actually acknowledging Eli’s strength. Eli was about to fight and curse up a storm but his diaphragm froze.

The man pinning him down wasn’t really a man. Scales burst from his skin contouring and forming to the curves of the thing’s body. A long, thin, forked tongue tasted the air. “Mine.” The thing’s gravely voice sent a spike of fear down Eli’s spine.

“W-who are you?”

The thing’s tongue flicked twice and it smiled revealing sharp-needle curved teeth. “Ervine.” Absolute horror overtook Eli. The creature almost hissed and struck clamping its jaws in his neck. Eli screamed. It felt like his neck was on fire and liquid acid was pumped into his neck. His throat began to burn and his vision swam then faded into nothingness.

About Lor Rose

I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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  1. Jeepers lady! That was freaking awesome! I don’t like snakes but this I liked! Way to go on yet another great post!

  2. Different and somewhat freaky. I like it!

  3. This post is awesome. 😀

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