Clear Calm #AtoZChallenge

“Caleb, I just can’t do this anymore.” Clay wanted to throw up.

Caleb looked at him stunned, his cowboy hat’s brim wrinkling in his grip. “But… Clay. Why?”

Clay backed up and turned to leave. “I just can’t. I’m sorry.” He gritted his teeth and walked off.

His heart nearly broke when he heard Caleb calling his name. He ducked around a corner and hid in an open stall and Caleb ran past.

He hated this. The last thing he wanted was to hurt Caleb but he didn’t have a choice. If he didn’t end things his father threatened to cut him from the will then fire him and Caleb. He wasn’t so much worried about himself as he was for Caleb. Caleb had a young son and couldn’t afford not to work. Clay knew his father would badmouth them to every ranch in the state and Caleb wouldn’t be able to get another job. There was no way Clay could let that happen.

He had to protect Caleb and his son Corbin.

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I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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  1. Awww, this one’s sad… *huggles all the boys*

  2. Like! I’d like to know the whole/rest of the story!

    • Thank you so nuch!

      That’s all there is, I’m sorry!

      • Well darn! You can go a lot of different ways with that! It’s a great piece! =)

        • D’aw, shucks, thank you! I’ve already had two prompts with comments wanting more so you never know.

          • Ahhh see!! Maybe we can collectively peer pressure into more! lol

            • Well that tactic has worked before… Why did I admit that?

              • Hahahaha! Because you love your audience? See a need fill a need? lol

                • I think it’s more if I don’t pay attention audience will get me. ;D Nah, I do love you guys. Without y’all who would read my stories?

                  • We will find you! lol That sounded super creepy and stalkerish…..awkward………I really do look forward to reading more of your writing!

                    • Would it be even creepier that I’m happy people wanna stalk me? It means I’m doing something right! Well there’s plenty on here to read. This is my third year doing A to Z and there’s several excerpts posted.

                    • That’s hard to say…… how about equally creepy? Now I am going to have to go lurk your page! This is my first time doing any challenges. This is my first year blogging actually!

                    • Equal sounds good. Lurk away all you want. ;D A to Z is the only challenge I do. Don’t really have time for anything else. First year, huh? My only advice is to keep at it! Even when you think people aren’t paying attention or your view counts are low just keep on going.

                    • That is probably the best advice I have gotten! Thank you so much! It’s a total bummer when posts go un-rated or you get the generic like but you know they didn’t actually read it. You have crazy writing skills btw! I am very jealous!

                    • I know a thing or two about it. ;D The first year I had this at the time blog I only received a thousand views the whole year. It was a real bummer but now I have reagular traffic. I do? Oh, thank you, thank you. I can honestly say my oldest things are not that great compared to what I’ve released recently and writing now.

                    • Well I just downloaded “The Obituary of Anne Maye Sterling” I can’t wait to dive into it! I don’t know if I have regular traffic or not it’s kind of hit and miss. Some weeks I’ll get 5 or so followers then nothing for a month… I don’t know that my interest is in numbers as much as just wanting people to actually read it instead of just clicking the like. Ya know?

                    • Oh dear lord that’s an old one! I haven’t touched that in over two years. I probably should have a look at it again pretty soon. ^^;; My freebie Freeing Pain is pretty okay (snerk). There is a novella of that in the works right now. For me, I realized that when I quit worrying about everything and just did me things evened out.

                    • I am a great stalker! So I will keep my eyes peeled like a banana! 😉 Was it hard to quit worrying about what everyone else thought of your writing?

                    • That gives a very… interesting visual. XD I’m weird in the fact that I don’t care what others think of what I write. If someone else happens to love it, that’s awesome. I’m more than happy to talk to them about what I’m doing and enjoy them. If someone doesn’t like it then that’s their opnion and their entitled to that. I know for other authors that’s not the case at all. Sorry I’m not more help in this area.

                    • Generally in life I could give to craps what people think of me I am who I am *popeye the sailor man toot toot* lol But with my writing it’s so personal and raw almost like by reading it they’re seeing me naked :-/ I don’t want to be like a top shelf writer but somewhere in the middle kind of. You have been incredibly helpful and encouraging! Thank you!

                    • Well I’m a bit of a nudist so… XD? I know what you mean about writing. A little piece of yourself makes into every story and it’s hard when people bash it. But what you have to realize is most readers don’t make that connection. To them it’s just a story, either really good, really bad, or somewhere in between. As a writer you have to learn to accept that about your readers and take them as they are. I’m happy to help! ^^;;

                    • Oooo la la!! 😉 It is really hard I think I have only been bashed once but instead of being logical I got emotional so my points ended up messy and pointless! Ah it’s one of those you gotta love them but you don’t have to like them situations? Haha I have tried to put my personality into my writing but again I worry that people just won’t get me and I don’t want the reader to lose anything from my writing due to misunderstanding. It seems people would rather walk away than ask a couple questions. You know? Hope you have an amazing day! I look forward to reading your post later!

                    • I was ripped apart over a blog post once. I mean it was bad. (If you wanna read it the link is under “Appearances & Guest Posts” and the post is titled “Guest Post & Giveaway: Lor Rose and the Battle of the Muses”) That was probable the worst I was ever attacked on a public forum and I didn’t even care. People are entitled to their own opinion and arguing with them isn’t going to do a bit of good.

                    • Well off to bed I go it’s 5:15 am and I have to be up at 9! Yikes! lol It has been so wonderful talking with you and I hope we can pick this conversation up again soon! Night night!

                    • Nighty night! Please email me anytime! I love chatting with people. It gives me a happy.

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