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Freeing PainI thought you guys would like a little update. So, here it goes

The beginning of this story was fighting me for some reason. I struggled to get it on paper but once I was past that uncomfortable spot things are starting to flow. Freeing Pain’s novella (true title under wraps but I have posted it somewhere but where?!) is already over 4,000 words and Kash hasn’t even met his Liger yet. Hell, Kash hasn’t even started investigating his Liger’s mistreatment. (Keep in mind when I wrote this little news post I was only taking a break from writing so by the time y’all read this it’ll be longer.)

If pattern holds (which I’m near positive it will) this little story will be over 30,000 words by the time it’s finished. Give or take a thousand or so words in either direction. Knowing me I’ll hit right at the 30,000 word mark or way above it.

Now that you guys are informed it’s up to me to deliver. You can follow my progress on Twitter by following the hashtag #FreeingPain.

As always, feel free to nag me about this.

With Affection,

P.S. – If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can check out Freeing Pain here. It’s free so you have nothing to lose. It’s also available at All Romance eBooks and Bookstrand.

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