“Crash Pad” excerpt cake fun. Enjoy.

I thought I’d give you a little un-edited taste of something with cake. Cause who doesn’t like cake? (If you don’t keep that info to yourself cause I love cake.)


“Do you know what you want?” He asked and Caden nodded.

Caden shifted away from Taylor in his seat. “A roast beef baked potato, no chives or sour cream, if that’s okay.”

“You can have whatever you want.” And Jeffrey meant it. If Caden wanted the entire menu, to go somewhere else, to go home and rest, whatever Caden desired he’d make it happen for the discarded pup.

Caden’s eyes lit up. “A sausage and brisket sandwich, too?”

Jeffrey smiled, he was pleased because pups needed more meat in their diet than a mature wolf. “You heard him Taylor and I’ll have the chicken lunch platter with corn on the cob and mashed potatoes.” Taylor jotted everything down with a smile and left.

Caden leaned forward looking Jeffrey over. “Thank you.”

It was so sincere Jeffrey could only say one thing. “You’re welcome.”

Taylor reappeared before Caden could say anything else with their drinks. All the while Taylor kept eyeing Caden. Jeffrey wouldn’t allow it. “He is my personal guest, Taylor. Back off.”

Taylor instantly exposed his neck. “I’m sorry, sir.”

Jeffrey waved Taylor away and took a deep breath. “Sorry about him.”

Caden blinked. “He didn’t do anything.”

“He was sizing you up.”

Caden tensed and retreated against the wall. “… why?”

“He’s a guardian of the pack and overly suspicious of new comers.”

“That makes sense.” Caden paused and licked his lips. “You’re a big shot around here, huh?”

Jeffrey shrugged and toyed with the straw. “Alpha Jeremiah Blackburn is my dad.”

Caden’s eyes went wide. “You’re the Alpha’s son? Like, next in line to take over?”

“Yeah.” Jeffrey shifted in his seat. Talking about himself like this made him uncomfortable. It’s not that he wasn’t proud of his family he was just tired of people making something of it.

Caden unwrapped his straw, placed it in his drink, and blew bubbles in his tea. “Well I lucked out.”

Jeffrey laughed and leaned on the table. “What’s your favorite book?”

Caden chewed on the end of his straw in thought. “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, hands down. Love the ocean.”

“Favorite food?”

His nose wrinkled and Caden blew more bubbles. “Cake. I absolutely love cake.”

Jeffrey laughed. “That’s a dessert not food.”

Caden frowned and tapped on the box. “It’s food.”

He briefly wondered if Caden forgot he told Jeffrey today was his birthday. “What kind of cake?”

“Any cake!” Caden’s blue eyes lit up and he bounced a little. “Cake is cake. If it’s cake, I’ll eat it.”

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