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Available Now: Mail Order Cowboy

MoC CoverAvailable today from Rooster and Pig Publishing

The heart wants what it wants.

Austin and Loren have been together for sixteen years and own a small cattle ranch but something was missing. Their love was playful, youthful, and fun, but they knew there was more for them. What that more was, they didn’t know. Talk of adding someone else interested the couple but no one had the spark they craved.

Hugh was a friend of Austin’s son and needed a place to go and a job. His own parents disowned him. He needed a place to stay and a job. Calling his friend’s dad was a last resort but what other choice did he have?

What Hugh found he didn’t expect but maybe, just maybe, he was worth something after all.

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NOTE: This is an extended re-release of a previously free work. All royalties from the first six months will be donated to charity.

Voting Will Close

This Friday the 13th.

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Freeing Pain

So a little birdie told me you guys really like my free short story, Freeing Pain. Here’s my question to all of you; do you want a novella? Answer with zee poll below to make things easier on me.



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