WIPed Wednesday: Emotio

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time to talk about something from the back list or “WIPile.” I thought I’d talk about the series that started all of this shit, Emotio. I was on Myspace (don’t ask why because I can’t remember to save my life) and on the home page I saw a video of a some guy looking all hot on stage. I thought, Meh, I’ll watch it. Well, I watched it and there you go. I had no idea who the guy was or anything. Using my Google-fu (yes, that’s a real thing) I found out the dude was Adam Lambert. Welllll, hello.

Things just sort of spiraled from there.

Originally Emotio was one book with the title of Emotio but that just didn’t seem right. The characters morphed and started whispering their own stories into my head. The assholes. Now instead of being one simple book the series has morphed into five separate branches, one for each band member, as well as, several spin-offs per branch.

The series centers on a very popular band Emotio (emotion without the “n”). It follows each band members personal struggle and inner strength. As of right now the first two books about Patryk (the lead singer) are signed with Storm Moon Press. One is scheduled for release sometime later this year and the other, sometime early next. I have the third for Patryk finished and the fourth is in the works. I also have the first book for Dominik (the electric guitarist) finished and his second book is in the works.

This series is my main focus right now but don’t worry, some of the other things I’ve been talking about for WIPed Wednesday are getting a little love (I’m just not saying which ones- yes, I tease).

Initially, I didn’t have any inspiration pictures for this series at all. The characters just popped in my head and stuck. Because of this, I don’t have any character pictures for you guys but I do have Patryk’s house in his fourth book. How he’s able to afford such a house, well, you’ll just have to read the books and find out, now won’t you?

Concept Drawing

Concept Drawing

1st Floor Plan

The First Floor

East Wing

The East Wing- First Floor, Second Floor

West Wing

West Wing- First Floor, Second Floor

All 1st Floor

The Entire Layout (First Floor)

2nd Floor

Second Floor

Basement Floor

The Basement Floor

(This house is the Balmoral House Plan found at The House Designer)

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