WIPed Wednesday: Multifarious

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time to talk about something from the back list or “WIPile.” One project I’m really excited about is my polyamorous, BDSM, bisexual vampire story, Multifarious. I didn’t think this one up on my own. I was sitting in the living room when one of my partners, Jai, walks in and says. “You are writing a vampire book. There will be lots of sex. We are the characters.” and promptly left. I just sat there for a minute and said to myself, “I can do that.”

Ever since the story has grown. Yes the characters are “us” but they have taken a life of their own separate from “us.” I’ve nicknamed them “Lavish Fucks” on Twitter because they are just that, lavish. In their defense they earned the lavish in their lavish fucks title.

Multifarious is about four vampires and two humans. One of the humans is an abused addition, a previous slave. The book takes place in the world of Life is Priceless but isn’t apart of the series.


Their home.


First Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan

(NOTE: this floor plan is the Versailles from The House Designer)

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