Teaser Tuesday: B&W Snippet

Here’s a section from Barrack and Willow’s fourth book, How Can This Be. They’re my most exhibitionist couple ever.


Barrack startled awake.

“Time to wake up!” Willow announced from his perch atop Barrack’s hips.

Groaning, Barrack snatched Willow’s pillow to cover his face. “Why are you so chipper this morning? This is unnatural.”

Barrack’s muffled voice pulls a smile from Willow. “Because!” Willow bounced, “I want to see BonBon! Fuck Barrack I haven’t seen my dog in almost nine months! Now up, up, up! Move it! I want my dog!”

Groaning again, Barrack allowed Willow to pull away his shield. “You don’t get this excited for anything.”

Willow’s already perfect make up and hair told Barrack he’s been up at least for an hour and a half. At least. “Do too.” Willow bounced again.

“Like what?” Hugging the bouncing man to his chest is more for his bladders sake than anything else.

“Sex. Duh. It’s just in a different form. Now move it! My dog awaits!” Letting go of a very excited Willow he watched as Willow hurried off into the closet. “FUCK! How am I supposed to pick what to wear! There’s so many new choices! Shit! Barrack!! This is all your fault!!”

Rolling from bed, Barrack made a break for the bathroom. This is his cue to leave.

About Lor Rose

I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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