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Ask Author Hot Seat

Have you ever wanted to ask me a question? Something about writing? Where my inspiration comes from? Anything? Well here’s your chance. Author Vicktor Alexander is hosting Ask Author and some lovelies nominated me for the hot seat.

You can ask as many questions as you like but I’m only obligated to answer twenty (20) total; I’ll answer more if I’ve the time. The only rule for questions is nothing too personal. Anything writing related is fair game. I won’t know who’s questions are who’s so feel free to get a little crazy.

You have until Friday morning to email Vicktor Alexander your questions at vicktoralexander[at]vicktoralexander[dot]com. Be sure to label the subject line of your email accordingly so Vicktor knows what the email is for. “Lor Rose Ask Author Questions” should do the trick.

I don’t remember when he said my spotlight is;  I want to say it’s mid-June sometime. I’ll be sure to let you guys know when the questions go live.

Again, please email Vicktor your questions. I’ve turned comments off for this post so you’re not tempted to post your questions below.

June 2013 (pic NSFW) #AYWN

Enjoy My Misery

(and the gay pride candy)


  1. Finish The More the Merrier: Triplex
  2. Finish Uncommon Valor: Tyke
  3. Finish Angelic: Never Close Your Eyes
  4. Release: Dark Menagerie: The Four of Us (hopefully this happens: unsure) [slotted for later in the year]
  5. Release: Serve Me: Life is Unforgiving
  6. Update Word Meter
  7. Don’t Go Insane
  8. Anicene
    1. Start
    2. Finish
  9. Figure out Multifarious
  10. Überleben Outline
  11. Double check This Isn’t Love
  12. Attempt 5,000 words on Barrack and Willow’s fourth
  13. Attempt to hash-out Dominik’s second
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