White Water Wafting #AtoZChallenge

Wyatt hates talking when anyone other than his cat is around. People make fun of and mock him, especially his coworkers. They don’t mean anything by it but it still hurts his feelings. Kid’s did the same thing to him his entire life.

He naively thought adulthood would be different but he was wrong. Adults are just as if not meaner than kids. They’re just mean in a different way.

Right now the staff meeting has him on edge. The new guy seems nice enough but they all seem that way. Working at White Water Wreckage was supposed to be his fresh start but it’s the same as anywhere else. New people are nice at start but they join in making fun of him when they see everyone else doing it.

The meeting ends and Wyatt heads straight for his kayak and raft. The schedule for today has him set for one run and that’s plenty for him. His boss is very understanding about his speaking fear. Normally, he’s more of a grounds keeper and equipment manager but he does runs when things get hectic.


Wyatt starts when the new guy shouted in his direction. He turns making sure the new guy is really talking to him. He points to himself just to make sure.

“Yeah, hey.” The new guy comes up to him panting a little as if he ran all the way here. “I wanted to ask where the extra paddles were? The others said you’d know.”

Wyatt nods and motions for whoever he is to follow him.

“Don’t you talk?”

He stumbles and half falls half sways himself into a tree. The new guy looks shocked and it’s now Wyatt notices how cute he is. He shakes his head but doesn’t say anything.

“My names Waverley.”

“Wu-wu-hi-it. Wuhiit. Wyatt.” He’s so damn embarrassed. He can’t stand waiting for Waverley to say something. He turns away from the new man and points in the direction of the extra paddles for rafts and takes off running.

He’s always been a star athlete and takes advantage of it now by hightailing it.


Waverley behind him surprises Wyatt. A body slamming into his knocks the air from him. Another tree stops his progress but this time it freakin’ hurts.

“I’m so sorry! Are you oaky?”

“N-no.” Wyatt’s hand throbs with at least three splinters and a pretty decent scrape across the side of his hand.

Wyatt starts when Waverley takes his hand and examines it. “I’m a professional splinter getter.” Waverley smiles and Wyatt’s feelings constrict his chest. He doesn’t want this man to make fun of him.

“I was trying to tell you I understand.” Wyatt stares and doesn’t believe what he’s hearing. “My sister’s speech was so bad she went mute.” Waverley steps closer. “She communicates with sign language now and will only talk around me and our mom.”

“R-r-r-really?” Wyatt wants to believe Waverley but others have lied to him before.

Waverley smiles and begins to sign, “Yes, she started because people made fun of her.”

Wyatt swallows and nods that he understood. Truth be told he started learning sign language years ago and thought of telling people he’s mute. “They make fun of me here.”

Waverley startles Wyatt with a hug. “I won’t and won’t others either, okay?”

Wyatt hugs Waverley tighter. He needs someone who accepts him for him and judge him with his speech disorder. Maybe all he needs is a friend.

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