Taboo #AtoZChallenge

WARNING: The following post contains incest. You’ve been warned.

“I can’t do this anymore, Taj.”

“Talon please…”

“I’m serious. I’m done. I can’t take this anymore. I’ve waited and waited and waited.”

“Can’t we wait a little longer?”

“Are you kidding me, Taj? I’ve given everything and put everything into us and you do nothing. You don’t even want to meet me half way. This isn’t fair.”

“We’re first cousins, Talon. Cousins as couples aren’t exactly accepted.”

“Then we move and only see them on holidays. No one where we move has to know we’re cousins.”

“I don’t want to hide anything, Talon. Our family accepts we’re gay. They’re not going to accept us dating.”

“Move with me.”

“To where?”

“Where we’ve always wanted to go, Maryland. Move with me, Taj.”


“I’m moving, Taj, with or without you. And… and if it’s without you then we’re through. I can’t keep doing this. My heart can’t take it.”

“…I can’t lose you. I love you, Talon.”

“I love you, too. That’s why I can’t keep doing this. It hurts too much.”

“…When do you move?”

“I’m packing up in three weeks and moving in six. Will you come with me?”

“What if our parents visit and it a new friend or whatever treats us as a couple?”

“Taj, will you move with me?”

“But our parents-”

“Think about it and let me know.”

“Please, Talon.”

“What? What else could you want from me? I have nothing else to give you. You have everything.”

“I’ll move with you.”

“… Don’t do this if you have doubts. Please, don’t get my hopes up and crush me.”

“I never want to hurt you. Ever. I love you.”


“I want a life with you, Talon. I’m just scared. Please don’t hold that against me.”

“I’m not. I’m scared too I’m just willing to commit.”

“I’m committing, Talon. I want to move with you. I want everything with you.”

“Okay, babe. Let’s get together for lunch tomorrow and talk more, sound like a plan?”

“At our spot?”

“Yeah, I got to go to bed. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Goodnight.”

“Night, babe.”

Taj’s mother, and Talon’s aunt, Tina, stood outside her son’s bedroom listening to the conversation between her son and nephew. Her and her husband’s apartment was fumigated today and Taj let them stay the night so the apartment could air out.

The conversation Tina heard took her by surprise. She didn’t mean to eavesdrop, it just sort of happened. Her immediate reaction was disgust but after hearing her son and nephew Tina can’t feel anything but happiness for them.

Their relationship is unconventional, taboo and wrong to some but Tine doesn’t care. If her son is happy and he’s not hurting himself or someone else she doesn’t care. Her husband and sister she’s not so sure about. But from her, her boys will have her full support. Even if she has to go to battle with her husband, sister, and brother in law.

Tina will keep this secret to herself and support them in silence till they’re ready to them or the secret comes out.

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