Rabbit Reproof #AtoZChallenge

I wonder how fresh this is? River thinks to himself as he picks up two fresh cucumbers. The water drips away causing a mini rain shower to fall over the left behind produce. Placing the cucumbers in his hand basket along with the carrots, spinach, basil, mint, dandelion greens, and celery, River heads off for the fruits. Picking Robby’s favorites, bananas, apples, mangos, and star fruits, River mentally checks off his shopping list.

He supposes he has everything for his beloved bunny. Now to shop for himself. River makes a sour face as he heads further into the store in search of human food.

Some fifteen minutes later River stood at the instant rice, a pack in each hand, trying to decide which flavor to buy. Chicken rice or chicken and garlic rice? If he buys the chicken then he could add garlic powder if he wanted. That might be best. Leaving his options open was always one of River’s strength and ironically his greatest weakness.

His tendency to leave things open landed him his dream job as a fashion consultant. His dream is to consult for Emotio like Luxe does but that’s a few years off. He met Luxe back in college when Luxe was a guest lecturer. It was eye opening and Luxe’s passion for the arts helped fuel River’s decision.

Although, River’s open option policy hasn’t exactly panned out in the love department. All the men he meets want a monogamous relationship and that’s not his thing. He isn’t ready for that, not by any means.

Dropping the chicken instant rice into his hand basket, River moves on. A quick check of his phone sends River into a panic. It’s half past two and the maintenance man is due at his loft in fifteen minutes.

River rushed to the front and the self checkout. It’s faster this way since he knows all the vin numbers for the produce by heart. Some of the check out scanner people have to look it up and he doesn’t have time for that right now.

After bagging his groceries River pays and heads out. He exits the market and turns left to walk the six blocks to his loft. He hopes he makes it. His damn sink started leaking two weeks ago and it’s only gotten worse. He called the maintenance people that day but something about the old one quitting and needing to hire a new one, blah, blah, blah. All River heard heard was “you’re not getting your sink fixed.”

His building looms head and he hurries onward trying to make his appointment. If he misses this he’s going to be so pissed off.

The stairs seem never ending as he heads for his second level loft. The elevator would take longer because the thing is so damn slow. He bought this place because he’s always wanted a home where an elevator brings you directly into the living room with the separating doors that open into the ceiling and the floor. The bonus back way staircase was a plus.

River stops dead in his tracks as he nears the top. “Robby? Robby!” He almost drops his bags as he rushes forward and picks up his beloved bunny. His door stood wide open just down the hall. A loud curse and shout from within startles River.

“Bunny! Bunny!” A man hurries into the hall looking frantic till his eyes land on River with his bunny. “Oh, thank god.”

River stands and gawks at the stranger. The very handsome stranger with dirty blonde hair and even dirtier blue shirt and blue jeans. “Who the fuck are you?” Robby nuzzles River’s bags, particularly the one with all of her goodies. Yes, Robby is a girl. Her full name is Roberta Henrietta Isabella Reynolds and River adores her. People used to make fun of him when he lived at home about babying his bunny.

The stranger smiles making him even more handsome. “Reese, the new maintenance man. I got here and you weren’t in.”

“So you just let yourself in?”

“Yep. Almost have you sink fixed. I saw the bunny and thought I closed the door but I guess I didn’t shut it all the way.”

“You realize if you lost my bunny the police would arrest for assault or second degree murder.”

Reese shrugs and hooks his thumbs in his pockets. “I’d have to press charges for assault.”

River purses his lips and smiles. “Are you gay?”

The other quirks a brow. “Bisexual leaning more towards men. I’m also polyamorous.”

“That’s multiple relationships, right?”

Reese nods and his smile turns playful. “I live with my two boyfriends and have another who lives in the building across the street.”

River lights up. Not only is the man handsome but he’s open to seeing other people. “Do you need to check in about going on a lunch date with me?”

“I do but I’d love to.”

River smiles and snuggles Robby. Maybe this maintenance man is exactly what River has been looking for.

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I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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