Obituary Obelisk #AtoZChallenge

The museum’s new Egyptian exhibit has kept Olsen engaged for the last three hours. He loves the museum and comes almost every weekend. There’s not any family to tie up his time and his friends gave up on him along time ago. After his sister died, his last family, Olsen retreated into himself. The few friends he had left.

Now his weekends are filled with museum visits and fast food. His week is spent as the introvert and outcast as the city newspaper’s obituary columnist. It’s not really even a job but the press feels sorry for “poor Olsen.”

“Back again, back again.”

Olsen starts as Orin, the off-duty police officer, approaches. Orin makes Olsen feel like a kid again. It’s definitely a crush. A very embarrassing crush. “Every weekend.” Olsen’s jittery hands find their way into his pockets. The exhibits were what drew Olsen here in the first place but Orin is now the reason he returns.

Orin nods with a smile, his thumbs hitch on his police belt. “Just like me. Although I have to be here.”

He’s not sure what to say after that. Olsen was never good at socializing. He thinks he may have some kind of social anxiety or disorder but he’s never been diagnosed. His parents didn’t exactly care enough to find out.

“You’ve been here for awhile and I get off in an hour. Wanna do lunch? I know this place that makes great home cooked meals.”

“I-uh.” Is Orin asking him out? “Yes.”

“I’ll come find you, okay?”

Olsen nods and swallows his nerves. “Where are we going?”

Orin makes a tsk sound as he turns to walk off. “I’m making you lunch instead of that crap you eat.”

He stands and follows Orin’s retreating back with his gaze. The man turns the corner and Olsen takes a moment to compose himself and continue looking at the exhibits.

“Excuse me?” A little boy holding a map makes him smile.


The little boy looks from Olsen to the map several times, his glasses fall and he pushes them back up. “Can you tell me about this? Do you work here?”

Olsen takes a breath and nods. Least his history geekdom will be put to good use. If he really wanted he could be a tour guide here and quit the press. The change might be good for him. “What would you like to know?”

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I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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  1. Cute. I was kinda hoping for mummies though. lol

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