Lacerations #AtoZChallenge

“Laurie? How much further?” If Ladarius has to walk ten more feet he’s going to throw the biggest temper tantrum ever known to man. This whole thing was stupid. He shouldn’t have agreed to this damn hiking trip but he wanted some alone time with his best friend Laurie.

His best friend moved two states away last summer. A job offer only an idiot would refuse pulled Laurie away. They chat through video message, texting and phone calls sure, but it’s not the same. This is only the third time Ladarius has seen Laurie in person since the big move and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t spend every minute he can with the man.

Laurie hitches up his backpack with a smile. “Not much now.”

“You said that fifty miles ago.”

The other man chuckles and his blue eyes sparkle, least they do to Ladarius. “It was only two miles ago.”

“Well,” Ladarius huffs and blows his bangs out his eyes, “up damn hill it feels like fifty.”

“I’ll give you that. Come on.” Laurie moves on leaving Ladarius behind in a huff.

Ladarius sighs and moves on, following Laurie’s ass. That delicious ass. He really shouldn’t think about his best friend that way but it’s unavoidable.

They continue on, up the damn incline, and Ladarius becomes more annoyed. He just wants to sit and relax somewhere, get a drink, watch others do the physical stuff. Is that too much to ask for?

Damn it all to hell in a fruit basket.

“Mother!” Ladarius thrusts out his hands in preparation to catch himself. “Fucker!” The impact jars his teeth. “Ouch.”

“Dude, are you okay?” Laurie kneels next to Ladarius as Ladarius rolls to his back. “Fuck, you’re bleeding.”

Ladarius blinks. “I’m okay, Laurie.”

“Like hell you are. Look at your hand.”

Ladarius frowns but the wet drip feeling over his fingers tells him Laurie is right. “OUCH!” The pain finally caught him as Laurie pours water over his sliced hand.

“Oh, you baby.”

“I am not.” Ladarius flinches as Laurie puts an antibacterial ointment glob on his cut and begins to wrap it.

“Are so.” Laurie crotches closer making Ladarius uncomfortable in the best way possible. “I told you to watch out.”

“Didn’t hear you.” Ladarius flexes his fingers and winces. Damn cut pulls when he does that. Well isn’t that just great? “Sorry, Laurie.”

Laurie looks at him and something snaps into place. “If anyone else called me that I’d punch them.”

“Do you not like it?”

Laurie leans in a little closer, “From you it’s okay.” Laurie is so close all Ladarius has to do is lean in a fraction more. That’s it. Just a little bit and Ladarius will get his kiss. The choice is taken from him when Laurie kisses him. It’s so gentle and soft little butterflies of nervous energy flutter making Ladarius dizzy. “From you I love it.”

They kiss again, this time with a little more passion. “We shouldn’t do this.” Ladarius thought this is what he wanted but now he knows it’s a mistake. Everything between them will change and not necessarily in a good way.

Laurie chuckles as he finishes up Ladarius’ bandage. “We should.” Another kiss sends Ladarius into a tailspin of emotion. This is his best friend, the person he talks to, the man he can’t wait to see. “We’re in a relationship already. Might as well make it official.”

Ladarius blinks. It’s as if Laurie was reading his mind or something. “Everything will change.”

“For the better.” Laurie presses forward giving Ladarius little choice.

“Mmm,” Ladarius pushes Laurie away, his hand throbs with the action, “you live far away.”



“Move.” Laurie’s hand cups Ladarius’ cheek. “You hate your job anyway. I make enough to support both of us till you find a new one.”

“Okay.” What the hell? Ladarius is only uprooting his life, quitting his job, and moving, where he knows no one.

Laurie’s face lights up and a smile makes the man look ten years younger. Another soft kiss makes Ladarius’ toes curl. This look of pure happiness on Laurie’s face made everything Ladarius just gave up worth it.

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