Kaleidoscope #AtoZChallenge

Freezing water and someone slapping his face brings Kamden back from the edge of unconsciousness. Forcing his eyes open, Kamden frowns when he realizes he’s in the shower.

“Come on, Kam. Wake up.” The annoying slapping sensation returns.

Swatting away the annoyance does little good, making the only thing left for Kamden to do is open his eyes. The blurry outline of Keaton hovering isn’t surprising. Keaton is the only person who still gives a damn about him which is kind of ironic.

Kamden feels almost numb with sensation as Keaton turns off the shower and carries his skinny ass into the bedroom. The rough texture of a towel rubbing him all over hurts. A towels fabric is too rough. Way too rough.

“Don’t you dare, Kam. Stay awake.” His jaw mysteriously begins to hurt like someone hit him but that can’t be right. “Damnit, Kam, if you don’t stay awake you’re going to the hospital.”

Now that is an evil word. Hospitals are bad. One they cost money and two they ask questions. Both are no good. Nope.

Blinking several times, Kamden’s green gaze lands on Keaton’s vice badge attached to Keaton’s belt. The numbers are a little fuzzy but it’s the shiny that interests Kamden. He loves shiny things.

“You want this?” Keaton asks before taking his badge off and handing it to Kamden.

Giddy, giggly feelings make Kamden happy as the badge tumbles in his fingers. Something hitting the floor draws his cracked out gaze to Keaton cursing. His stash lay all over the ground. This should send him into a panic but he’s too damn high right now to care.

The badge in his fingers reminds Kamden of the first time Keaton flashed it in his face a few months ago. Keaton, or Detective Kirk at the time, was looking for information about some murder. Kamden’s no idiot and grilled the detective. Keaton is vice so what is he doing asking about a murder? Turns out it was all for a friend and that’s nice.

The bed dips with Keaton’s weight. A hand petting over his too hot forehead makes Kamden sigh. “Why do you do this to me, Kam?” Keaton sounds defeated and it makes Kamden feel guilty. “Why won’t you come with me? Leave all this and be with me?”

Kamden’s not sure if Keaton thinks he’s too cracked out to understand what Keaton’s saying but he sure as hell does.

“You’ll really help me?”

Keaton starts but doesn’t pull away. “I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it.”

Kamden grunts as the room turns fuzzy for a second. “It’ll be messy.” And that’s true. Flushing out an addict takes time and it sure as fuck hurts.

“I’m vice. You don’t think I know that?”

“Trouble. You in trouble.” Keaton can’t get in trouble because of him. This man is more than generous and understanding. Why Keaton hasn’t arrested him yet is beyond him. But whatever the reason, Kamden can’t let Keaton get in trouble because of him.

Keaton soothes him with small touches and tiny shushing sounds. “I’ll be okay. I promise. Please Kamden let me help you.”

Kamden blinks at Keaton several times. All the while taking in every aspect of Keaton’s face. It’s the desperation that pulls Kamden. Maybe this is what he needed, someone to care.

Thoughts of getting clean have surfaced lately. The need to make himself into something other than a crack and meth addict surfaces. He wants out of this life.

Kamden wants to tell Keaton he accepts. He wants the notion of a home, that someone still wants and cares for him. But most of all he wants Keaton and for the man to love him.

If he can show Keaton there’s more to him, more than an addict and charity case, maybe they can find something together.

Maybe something close to love.

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I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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  1. Great dialogue and pacing here 🙂 Off to read your other A-Z posts!

  2. This one was very interesting. I take it there’s probably going to be more to it. lol

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