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March 2013 #AYWN

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Enjoy my misery.

  1. Finish Without Borders anthology submission
  2. Start the second episode of DH (?)
    1. Finish the second episode of DH (?)
  3. Read over first episode of DH
    1. Send out first episode to beta reader
  4. Read over This Isn’t Love
    1. Send out This Isn’t Love to beta reader
  5. Map out This Isn’t Love
    1. Start Blood Embrace anthology call from SMP
    2. Start Senseless anthology call from SMP (?)
    3. If Time Permits: Father’s Day anthology call from Silver Publishing – Don’t think it’ll happen
      1. Finish Father’s Day anthology call
    4. DUE the 22nd: Surprise Thingy
    5. Don’t go insane
    6. Write 25k on Hold Me Close B&W’s fourth
    7. Write 20k on Project Three
    8. Finish Outlines for:
      1. Project Two
      2. Project Four
      3. Project Five
      4. I Left the Key, B&W’s fifth
    9. Anthology release? Maybe? I don’t know yet.
    10. Update word meter
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