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The Obituary of Anne Maye Sterling FREE READ

The Obituary of Anne Maye Sterling

Little Anne Maye has an idea.

Anne Maye Sterling is turning six years old. Her birthday is spectacular as per usual. However; a tragedy disrupts her perfect day. Little Anne Maye doesn’t know what to think till an idea plants itself in her little mind.

Little Anne Maye Sterling decides to act on her idea but will it be enough?

Available for PDF Download at Goodreads and ARe.

Tell Me So, Even If It’s a Lie Blurb

Wandering the streets of Houston alone is dangerous.

Lost and alone Gray doesn’t know what to do. Everything has changed. Left with nothing and no one to turn to Gray finds Ryleigh. Strong, confident, and well off, Ryleigh infects Gray’s world. This man is everything Gray is not.

Expecting one thing but receiving something different Gray doesn’t know what to do. His feelings for Ryleigh turn towards something, but it certainly isn’t love.

When a problem from his past resurfaces, Gray finds himself destroying his new found relationship.

Gray knows this is the end. He just didn’t count on one thing.


Blog Hopping to the Truth

My friend and wifey Patricia Lynne  decided to torture me with a blog hop about writerly confessions and I blanched. Not for the reasons you may think. You see the thing is I don’t have any writerly secrets… least not to my knowledge.

There’s no genre I secretly read under my covers for fear of being judged. I mean I write male on male sex books for Christ’s sakes so do you honestly think I won’t step up to the plate and claim a genre I read?

I got a sneak peek of the blog hop’s host, Patricia’s, post and I’m not jealous of my friends. I may get a twinge of “I wish that was me” but then it fizzles out and dies just as quickly as it started. I’m not a jealous person by nature. Instead I find myself very happy for my friend’s success and all they’ve accomplished. I take extra pride if I’ve helped in someway.

It’s no secret at all that I’m a planner to the point of being obsessed. I’ve posted about how I overcome writer’s block… I basically avoid it.

I’ve put myself out there personally on my personal blog, The Lor of Rose, so I don’t really have any secrets to admit… As Patricia so accurately put it, “Secrets are the spice of life… Or something.” I suppose if this is true then I have no spice. “That’s what you get for being so open about shit.” Yes, wifey… You are correct.


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