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Water Watch #AtoZchallenge (dialogue only)

“West can you test the pufferfish’s water again before we leave?”

“Yea, sure I just need to finish this up.”

“Okay, an extra kit is in the draw to the left. When I’m done here I’ll check the angel fish’s then we can leave.”

“Cool. Oh Welton did you see where I put my clipboard I’ve lost the stupid thing again.”

“It’s in the draw.”




“Would you like to grab dinner after?”

“Uhh….. like a date?”

“Sort of… yea.. well not if you don’t want to… I mean-“

“I’d love to.”

Via Victory #AtoZchallenge

The atmosphere in the locker rooms can only be describes as electric. We just one our final game of the season. Vasin stood alone as his teammates partied down the hall.

“You cheated.”

Glancing up he snorts. “Negative my friend.”

Vaux stalks closer his black hair angular strong features and his perpetually tanned skin tell of his Native American Heritage. “Yea you did. Your foot was over the line. Do you guys have the refs in your pockets or something?”

Slamming his locker shut an old puckered scar along his thumb down his forearm catches his attention. It’s still pink and angry appearance contrast against his black skin. “No your guys just suck at football.”

Vaux’s face turns to rage. “Then how the hell did we make it this far?!”

“Dumb luck?”

The punch coming his way is easily dodged. So is the next. And the next. And the next. Having enough Vasin reaches out to twirl his grip around the others wrist, using the others forward motion to his advantage, pinning Vaux to the lockers. “Chill out.” He whispers to the other.

He moves back just in time to avoid a head butt that would’ve more than likely fractured his nose. “Fuck you. Let me go.” Vaux struggles till he realizes it’s impossible.

The man beneath him struggling sets fire to Vasin’s passion. Laughing deeply he wonders just how angry his rival will be when he tries to fuck him.

Undoubtably Undead #AtoZchallenge

Uriah stood outside his lovers home patiently waiting. The night air whispers caution and unease to any who pass to close to him. His knee length winter jacket is wholly unnecessary but Ulysses prefers it. His patience wears thin to the point of nonexistence when Ulysses finally appears.

“Ready?” The other man asks him.

Smiling being careful to not reveal his teeth he merely nods offering his arm to the other.

Ulysses smiles taking his offered arm.

Together they make their way to the park near a secluded lake not many venture to at night. Strange things happen here at night and all know this fact. Tis a shame really considering it is a very romantic spot.

“Will you be with me forever?” Ulysses asks softly. The breeze intensifies the other man’s voice to his own ears.

“If that is what you wish.”

“I love how you talk.” Ulysses looks to him something he shall define as adoration.

“Is it your wish to be with me forever?”

“It is.”

Growling his hand shoots out grasping Ulysses by the throat. Opening his mouth wide in growl the other’s eyes go wide looking straight at his fangs. “Then it will be so.”

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