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Young Yearnings #AtoZchallenge

Yancy is angry. His parolee didn’t show up for the second time. Goddamnit.

Pounding on the door his frustration builds. “Yerik! Open up!” His Russian parolee is really starting to grate his nerves. “Yerik!”

The battered pealing door slowly opens but not enough to invite him in. “What do you want?”

“Open up, Yerik.”

“Go away,” a heavy sigh sets his teeth on edge, “I can’t deal with you today.”

Anger surges up, pushing open the door his concern takes over as a small cry and loud thunk comes from behind the door. Slamming the rickety thing his gaze lands on Yerik slumped against the wall. One side of his face sports a lovely shiner, a split lip drips fresh blood. His parolee moves with care telling him more injuries lie underneath. “What the hell happened?”

Yerik looks at him with such loathing and contempt he has to make a conscious attempt to not step back under those light blue eyes. “You did.”

“Me? How?” He hasn’t done anything to Yerik.

“Telling me to dump my pimp. Clean myself up and get a decent job. Your words of a happy future for me is what did this. I have no future.”

Cocking his head to the side Yancy says nothing as he snatches a new garbage bag from the kitchen counter. Yerik’s clothes lay not to far on his bed in this pitiful one bedroom apartment. Stuffing Yerik’s clothes inside he ignores his parolee’s mutterings in Russian.

“Come on.” Grabbing Yerik by the upper arm he drags the man from the apartment.

“What are you doing? You can’t do this to me.”

“Shut it.” Tossing Yerik’s clothes into the backseat of his SUV followed by Yerik himself he eyes a tall man watching him at the end of the street. Yerik’s cry of pain does little in making him feel sorry for what he’s doing.

Walking around the car he climbs in to drive Yerik to a new life rather he likes it or not.


Yep. You Are The Other Half Of Me is out! Finally! >.< Had some technical difficulties cover wise that were out of my control but alas! It’s available on B&N here.

-falls over-


Xiphidium XCIX #AtoZchallenge

Xavier stood off to the side, his colleague Xander stood not to far almost bouncing in his shoes. That’s how Xander is you see. A very energetic man who should be kept away from cake, candy, and all things sugary at all costs. He doesn’t even want to think about coffee. He shudders at the prospect.

“I think we’ve got it!” Xander almost shouts.

Now this perks his interest. They’ve been working on new plant species for a dying genus for well over seven years now. This will be number ninety-nine if all works out properly.

“We did it!” The other man shouts seconds before he tosses himself into Xavier’s arms. Luckily for Xander he is a very good catcher. “We did it!” The other shouts again damn hear cutting off his air supply with a too tight hold around his neck.

Enthusiastic lips on his stops any protesting from him due to lack of air. He very much enjoys partaking in bedroom activities outside of the bedroom.


Both turn to the sound of one of their assistances.

“Dudes at least lock the door.”

He smiles. Their wonderful assistant may have been raised in a strict Pentecostal environment with strong Baptist grandparents but she is one of the most open minded people he knows. “Well then leave and lock it for is.”

Rolling her eyes she leaves. The distinct sound of a key locking the doors from the outside prompts him to reclaim his boyfriend’s mouth.

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