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Tell Me So… Update

This is even more horrid than How Can This Be…. only 1,234 for this one… I know! Okay? No need to crucify me. I’m already bummed about it so no need to ruffle my feathers… moving on!

How Can This Be… Update

Now I know y’all are going to be angry with this weeks numbers but I promise next week it will be made up! So this week I only wrote 3,892 for Barrack and Willow. I know. I know. Shame on me…

like I said next week I will make up and then some!
Things got a little disheveled because the boys decided to have a little heart to heart instead of the hot steamy sex I planned for them. So rude right? Anyways things have returned to normal for them and the sofa was once again christened.

Zealous Zealot #AtoZchallenge

“I promise I can handle it.”

His boss Zak looks unconvinced but he caves. “Fine. Fine. Have at it Zaine.”

Six hours later Zaine wants to throw something. This is fucking impossible. “Fuck you, Zak.” He mumbles under his breath as he tries once again to unscramble this shit.

“No, fuck you.” His boss’ soft whisper behind him sends a spike of fear straight through his heart.

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