This Isn’t Love… Update

The weekly writing goal tells me I must write 3,500 a week.

Well I cranked out 5,272.

You’ve no idea how excited I am about this considering up to this point I haven’t been writing as much on this one as the other two. I’m sure sure you’ve noticed and I felt bad about it. I’ve got several who are very interested in this one and I’ve been feeling as if I’m slacking off… I know I’m not but that’s now I feel.

So with this I feel much better about things.

I’ve also managed to split an outline into two and possibly three chapters. Next weeks update will have the answers for you and me believe it or not.

This week things have also taken a turn that certainly didn’t expect and jumped my content warning into the deepest most red zone there is. I dear say I may make the banned book list with this one.

About Lor Rose

I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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