Organization and Oil #AtoZchallenge

Orrick sets aside a container full of rubber bands with a happy little sigh. He truly loves his job as a professional organizer. Growing up he always grouped and organized everything with labels. Cannot forget the labels. He never thought of doing this professional until a little over two years ago. Now he owns one of the most successful organizing businesses in the state.

His employer Odin came into the disastrous field mine of an office. “This looks better already.” Odin comments happily.

“It’s coming along. What would you like me to do with these?” Holding up a folder marked online purchases he shakes it for extra emphasis.

“Toss it. Everything in there is over three years old.”

Nodding he tosses it in the trash without thinking about it. He has a lot or organizing to do. A LOT.

Riffling through a box he comes across some oil. Not just any oil, oh no, no, no, but lubricant. That kind of oil. “What about this? Should I put it under ‘Office Adds’ or ‘Personal Help’?”

“How about ‘Porn Assistance’?” Odin’s face lit up with a smile as he leans against the door jam.

That’s one thing he loves about his temporary employer. The man knew how to take his happy little brand of humor. “Works for me.”

“Or how about ‘Bend the Organizer Over My Fancy Desk and Fuck Him’ draw?”

“There’s is no such drawer.” He says flippantly.

Now where did he put the container marked highlighters… “SHIT!” He screams as his employer grabs him from behind.

“Well then we better use it since there isn’t a place for it.” Odin whispers in his ear.

About Lor Rose

I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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  1. *snicker* What Patty said. XD

  2. It is a horrid place to stop BUT think of it this way in six months you'll know what happens.

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