Irresistibly Irritating #AtoZchallenge

Well isn’t that just fucking fantastic.

“That fucking asshole!” Ingram mumbles to himself. Loosening his tie he marches down the hall towards his regional manager’s office. Iris, his regional manager’s secretary, tries to stop him from barging in. She fails. “What is your problem with me?” He practically shouts.

His manager, Irvine, sat behind a large wood desk in a very expensive looking suite. The suite alone probably costs more than three months of his salary. “What do you mean, Mr. Isles?”

The son of a bitch. “You passed me over for Issacs on the Interrail deal.”

Irvine smirks folding his hands in his lap. “I am very aware of the that fact, Mr. Isles.” Ingram’s mouth hangs open. The son of bitch is actually admitting to passing him over. Irvine stands to walk around his large desk. The bigger man stops a hands width away from him. “I gave the Interrail account to Isaacs because I need you free for Internal Investments.” 

He gawks. He can’t help it. He really can’t. Internal Investments is one of the bigger accounts they have and for Irvine to be giving it to him to handle…

“Congratulations, Mr. Isles, you’ve just been promoted.”

Ingram looks up into Irvine’s green eyes, “I’m not getting this account or this promotion because I’m dating you am I?”

Irvine smirks. “No, Mr. Isles, you’ve earned it. However; if you wish to keep your promotion I suggest you strip right now.”

He shivers at the deep tone in his boyfrined’s voice. “Yes, Sir.”

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I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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  1. Omnomnomnomnomnom. XD I like! And holy I names Batman. XD

  2. I soooo can see the happenings… happening when I stop reading XDAll the shorts…well except the first one… they all have that day's letters for names!!!! Haven't you noticed?

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