Ok so I know that in the lodge You Are The Other Half Of Me is marked as completed BUT I read it over again and I wasn’t in love. I mean totally in love. Why?

For one the chapters aren’t to my liking. There not my lovely 3,000ish words. Some chapters are 4,500+ and others are less than 2,500. I had completely forgotten about this and when I saw this my eyes went O.O and may of hyperventilated. May have.

Secondly since I’ve finished the second book for them some things don’t quite match up time wise. Boo. I also find myself comparing the two side by side in a way to see if things match up. I’ve also interlaced events and information in all of their books so I’m making sure everything is up to par. 

Thirdly as I read with fresh eyes some things don’t make totally sense. Well of course since I wrote it I know what I mean but a thing here or there I caught myself thinking “Would someone not me know what I’m talking about?” Well my beta readers do BUT then again they do think a whole lot like me so maybe they understand what I mean? 


Oh wait… I sent a snippet to Patty and she made some very good points in the little bit that I did. 

Hmm… maybe I’ll wrangle her into giving it a read for me as I go… It shan’t be halo damaging though because it’s beta reading… yea that doesn’t count. Nope, not at all.

That’s what I’ll do! Now to get her to read this post… Oh I know! Tell her she’s in it! XD That’s the best way… Oh Patty…. Guess what…

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I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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  1. Sneaky, sneaky Lor. Of course I'll read it as long as I have a guarantee my halo won't get damaged.

  2. I am not sneaky… I'm -thinks- resourceful!! Yeah… resourceful. XDNoooo your halo will be fine. Beta reading so does not count towards halo damaging points.

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