UPDATE! Cuz I am an ass and not keeping up with this

Ok so last y’all heard With Out You Baby I Cannot Breathe was completed with first draft FIN! Woot! Well that’s still true AND I am editing it as I type… well sorta… you get the idea. 

I also completed an overall book outline for the third book for Barrack and Willow entitled How Can This Be, Baby You Know Me! Woohoo! I’m also doing the individual chapter outlines as well. I’ve hit a snag though. There is something about what I have that I just don’t like. More correctly it doesn’t feel right. Willow and Barrack will tell me what’s wrong… as soon as there done with activities… Moving on!

‘ve got two spin offs from Barrack and Willow’s branch in the Emotio series so far. One of them entitled Tell Me So Even If It’s a Lie also has an overall book outline and I am working on individual chapters. This one, so far, is the nearest to being written seeing as how it has the most chapters outlined. The idea for this book came to me literally years ago. Little over two and half to be exact. And my oh my has the concept changed. Originally it was supposed to be a M/M romance that had nothing to do with anything in any other book that I had. The characters were somewhat the same but now? WooWhee as fate (or rather my Muse) would have it they have morphed into something much greater! I think you’ll love it! Moving on…

Dominik Lew’s first book This Isn’t Love, This Isn’t Me also has it’s overall chapter outline completed along with several individual chapter outlines. I have to say that this book has actually made me cry. Literally. As of now though I find I am having the same problem as How Can This Be, Baby You Know Me something just isn’t quite right. BUT! I know Dominik will tell me what it is. He always does! 

Well there you have it! That’s what’s happening in Lor’s world at the moment!

With Affection,

About Lor Rose

I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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