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-shouts- NEXT!!!

I’ve already begun the second book for my boys! I’m thrilled!

Thats all xD

With Affection,


Okay I know this is late but….

I blame my internet!!

Anyways I’ve finished You Are the Other Half Of Me!! It’s completed at 42,000+ words. -happy dance- I’m so excited! I finished it “officially” about four days ago but like I said the internet was being a herd bucket. I shall be pimping it out after the new year. Sooooooooo I’m going to be using this time to tighten up my query… well the hook anyway, damn things. Wish my luck!

With Affection Lor

Excitement Doesn’t Even Cover It…

I finished editing the second draft of You Are The Other Half Of Me. In all honesty it’s looking pretty much finished. I’ve got to add a thing or two here or there but overall it’s pretty much completed. Oh did I mention that it’s 37,000+ words? Yes, I know. I’m excited.

I’m going to be starting up the second book Without You Baby I Cannot Breath this week. Well with the outlines and all that jazz. Yep super excited me. It looks like my predications for late January are wrong after all in a completely good way though.

With Affection,

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